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K0934763  Qian Chu

Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship in Practice

Instructor: Corrine Beaumont


I.   Introduction

According to Brown (2008), thinking like a designer could change the way you develop products, services, processes and so on, even strategy. As well as Dziersk (2006) mentioned that the methodology commonly referred to as design thinking is a proven and repeatable problem-solving protocol that any business or profession can employ to achieve extraordinary results.

Everyone likes creativity because everyone believes they are, or were, or can be creative. And they are right. But it was creativity that Design Thinking was originally supposed to deliver and it is to creativity that I now turn directly and purposefully. Just like Nussbaum (2011) mentioned that creativity is an old concept, far older than “design.” But it is an inclusive concept. In my experience, when you say the word “design” to people across a table, they tend to smile politely and think “fashion.” Say “design thinking,” and they stop smiling and tend to lean away from you. But say “creativity” and people light up and lean in toward you.

Basically Design thinking consists of four key elements. Which are: Define the problem; Create and consider many options; Refine selected directions Pick the winner, and execute (Dziersk, 2006). This report including three part, firstly, it will analysis the acknowledge we learned in class through my personal blogs. Following, team business experience and situation will be demonstrate. Last, personal achievement and goal for future will be told.  


II.      Acknowledge Analysis

 1.      Empathy / Passion / Prototyping

Honesty, at the first moment when I heard the word came out from TED’s video i was shocked, some questions sharply jump out in my mind–does empathy has related to creative thinking? ‘Does everything must be created or improved by empathy?” “Not really or indeed they are?” When I was looking around my room, think about the question like why pillow exist? Oh, because it is not comfortable and not good for people’s spine if we lay flat. The answer makes sense.

No Passion no energy. Make myself as an example, as a singer whose live are filling full by performance, the microphone is can be seen as close friend. But each singer has themselves voice character, so how to set the microphone to be the best for your voice during a number of singers in a same performance? Will the Dial twister remember every singer’s need? and even if the microphone has been set by the singer’s requires but there still will have many extemporaneous situation happened when they on stage. Even though some one made to order a special mic but will it match the stage sound system? When talking about the microphone’s problem, some of people must will say that is belong to hi-fi equipment technic area, but here is just one of my idea want to share which is what if there are several buttons on the mic those which can be easy adjust to make the sound fit for the singer’s. So that will be quite easy for singer’s adjust the mic as their voice states when they are singing on stage.

2.      User Triangle

Based on Beaumont (2010), user stands for User System Establish Realize, which represents the four stages of design thinking. Which are: user empathy, system connections, establishes needs & goals, realize tangible solutions.

Later, i went to the Cadbury World in Birmingham. When holding two big bags chocolate, suddenly i realized that i went into the seller’s trap! After analyzed by using the User Triangle, i found the Cadbury user’s need are things such as to know where chocolate comes to life, history of the oldest chocolate brand, how chocolate be made from cocoa beans etc. The objects used by designer is there are 14 amazing zones be created for user to offer everything they want. Like “zone 1– Aztec jungle” discover the origins of cocoa bean deep in the ancient tropical rainforest. “zone 2– journey to Europe” tell people how cocoa bean be brought to UK and quickly became the drink of choice in high society and so on (Cadbury, 2010).

However, there is a big problem which is people cannot make chocolate themselves. Now that people came here to see how chocolate be made then they may want make a piece of lovely personal especially chocolate by them own wishes. All in all, the User Triangle theory makes me think and analysis things i saw in my life by using a creative designer view.

 3.      Money and Marketing Survey

When talking about the money thing, people‘s nerve will sharply become tense because no one earn money just by making day dreams. Just as Taylor (2011) mentioned that everywhere people look, there is compelling evidence that the single-minded pursuit of wealth often leads smart people to do incredibly stupid things, things that destroy what money cannot buy. But, we always found that our money fly away very quickly and even we do not know why or where it gone.

At the Fair, it is really quite difficult to meet some big buyer who are paying their money on spot to buy those expensive artworks. So I turned view to those tiny things around me such as the magazine sell table and the coffee shop. I found that user’s needs at magazine table are to get the first hands news about the whole creative industry market, and to know who the newest popular artist is and where a new show be on. Use the Objects like Logo Sign board / banners / exhibition booth etc. The role is the sellers of magazine and community through sells of magazine, propagandist, and consulting and customer service. The rules are propagating the brand of their magazine, sell magazine and answer questions for customers.

 4.      Storytelling

The most impressive point in design thinking is the power of storytelling. Just like I learned in class by video of Brown (2010), people usually moving by something which can really connect their soul or at least can arouse same emotion from deep of their heart. Hence, this is the most important opportunity to grab people’s passion or interest to buy your products. My story is about a singer suicide just because once live show‘s microphone problem. Tried to tell people how hardly a singer use to through during those many years by practice every day, no matter it is winter or summer, whenever it is rainy or sunny. But, all the beautiful dreams were stopped by the very tiny stage accident.

III.   Team Business

1.      Create an Business Idea

Demonstrated by Wendleton (2007), a great business idea combines your skills with imagination and market demand. A business opportunity or idea often comes from everyday problems that someone solves. So our team considered about the environment problems today. And then we start observing those commodities surrounding our life, finally we found that the plastic bags, even the pro-environment used in supermarket are ugly and with the high risk on pollution. So the idea came up which is to make fashion recycle bags.    

 For our consumers, we aim to the women in their 20’s. It is because they are fashion fans, and would like to show their life style. Meanwhile, they are not care about the environment situation. So by our products, we want to tell them to do something support the environment protection.

 2.      Marketing Research

We conducted field research by interviewing potential customers on the Kingston University campus and high streets. Including the questions like how much do you usually pay for a bag? Would you purchase a bag made of recycled material? Then show their our bags and asked What do you think of these bag? Things like that.

 3.      Branding

According to Cato (2010), when designing a brand/logo, one must consider color, shape, size, etc. Everything needs careful consideration. Our team name–3J+Z is first initial of our first name: Jinyoung, Jungring, Jean and Zui. We decided to go green for symbolic purpose because it represents nature and we are all about helping to save this Earth by recycling.

I designed the first logo in November, and used during 1st semester, but decided to change because it was deemed primitive. Thus the birth of a new logo presented at the Fair. Later, Jungrim spent a weekend coming up with the font, color, etc. We weren’t sure about the shade of green, but it was perfect when printed on brownish recycled paper. We have also made business cards using the latest logo printed on recycled cereal boxes.

 4.    Advertising

According to Ilango (2010), It is an important factor in business because it gets the word out about company and establishes a presence and a brand about what are offering.

We did a fantastic carton advertisement. The idea welled connected the concepts “fashion” and “recycle” together, and the frame of a plastic bags encircled earth, vividly appearance a high appeal to protect our environment.  

 5.      Experience

It gives us so much experience and let me understood a lot theory about how to running a creative business:

Firstly, a good idea is the initial thing as well as the most important thing. A good idea comes from empathy, you need to find people’s needs and think about what can you do to change it or make it better, then make a sample to show people as a test let you know if your product is feasibility.

Secondly, a unite team is a secret weapon access to success. Whenever you make decision; create new ideas; find useful materials; carry on events and so on. Team always is what you need.

 To make your products unique and creativity, you may need many good ideas, thus you need marketing survey to gather ideas from different people. Also, you need effective market research after you finish your products, it may including the price, the quality, the style, and so on.

Storytelling. Once you decide to sell your product to people, you need an attractive story to beautification your product, which can rapidly catch customer’s attention and touch their emotion.

IV.   Personal Achievement and Future Goal

 1.      Innovation,

Creative and innovation, thinking, thinking out the box, it is all changed these days. Innovation as a premium in organization, it is the crucial of new products, new markets and new business processes (Boden, 1994). I used to held an event which is a Chinese anciently palace catwalk for local people to celebrate Chinese New Year. And I think such a fashion show which mix dynasty elements into fashion can be consider is worthy and valuable.

 2.      Sales of Spring Fair International 2011

Spring Fair International 2011 attracted its highest attendance for five years as retailers from around the UK and overseas flocked to the NEC for the country’s premier trade exhibition The company UFO I service is with the biggest collection of Chinese jewelry in UK, My mission is introduce some new collection to customers and order for them, including knowing new potential customers as more as i can. As to my personal final achievement, luckily it is seems nice –over £ 10, 000, 00 orders and £450 commission fly into my pocket after this fair.

 3.      Performance

It is Chinese new year season, and this last weekend is de Lantern Festival. This performance were hold by CSSA (Chinese Student Scholars Association), stand for Kingston University, i was invited to give a solo Chinese folk song –<<My Home is China>> which expressed China’s prosperously development during last 10 years.

 4.      Traditional Chinese Folk Song or Pop-Folk Song?

I was so boring about the traditional Chinese folk song style, coz it is never changed since i study it, and that is the reason why Chinese young people does not like it at all. Also, i think maybe that is why it still not is known and like by the people all over the world. So, I want to do something change it, or at least can make it more fun. Ann then the New Thing Came Out. I never heard there are someone mixed the UK pop music with Chinese folk song together, so i tried with a group of talent pop music bodies. Luckily, the track sounds not bad.



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It is just as people usually say“If you keep on doing what you always did, you’ll keep on getting what you always got!”. Indeed, creative and innovation, thinking, thinking out the box, it is all changed these days.  Innovation as a premium in organization, it is the crucial of new products, new markets and new business processes. The capacity of innovation has carry on a renewed significance which changes from an economy based on products and transaction towards a creative economy, that is the ideas and knowledge are the new capital.

I used to  held an event which is a Chinese anciently palace catwalk for local people to celebrate Chinese New Year.  The reason to hod such a event is because, usually people watch dynasty costume only on TV or in some particularly events, it is rarely performance as the format as a fashion show. For another thing, as we all know there are a huge number of Chinese in UK by now, they are missing their traditional culture all the times. Besides, most of British people are interested in Chinese culture. Hence, to hole such a fashion show like this mix dynasty elements into fashion can be consider is worthy and valuable. This event was totally carry on under a freedom and delighted atmosphere from beginning to the end, that is one of strategy which can help models finding correct feeling to show the anciently palace style better. There is no strict bylaw asked the models “must do” in each rehearsal. Instead, popular music always plays around, it is magically mollifying them and they can quickly into performance state. Besides, several costume drama and films were showed to let them know dynasty history which can help them better understanding the show’s background and elements about dynasty themes.

 According to a numbers of comments from the audience and guests showed it was a valuable show, because for one thing it gave an authentic Chinese dynasty elements show to lots of British people, for another thing, it was highly warm the atmosphere for that whole celebration party for Chinese New Year.

Project name: Chinese Dynasty Fashion Show

Time: 10th/Feb./2011

Location: China Town Birmingham

I know there is one day we will talk abt brand&logo design

I am not a witch who can see the future through crystal ball, but when i was designing our logo 3month ago, i just  huess may be Corrine will tell sth abt logo design later. I am so F**king happy that i learned alot helpful knowledge on today’s class. BTW dear C, i do love your fantastic PDF class materials.

That’s ture, that’s ture, i love photoshop and usually ps my photo  form ugly ducking to swan, so  the mission of design 3J+Z logo was on me.

Photoshop Ongoing~ ~ ~

1. Match the Concept.  As u guys can see it, 3J+Z are doing the recycle thing and trying to support the environment protect action. so i try to express the concept of recyce with our product–bag. Meanwhile,  our main customer are women around 20’s, so the logo had better use  some thing to attract their attention.—-may be picture? so here, the first logo draft was born.

2. The Colour.  I think once the thing is concerning enviroment that people would think Green, yes, human being was living in a  Green earth b4, but now… …In any  case, we wish it gonna be a Green earth again oneday. Below are some rubish draft。。。

3. The Facetype.  guys, do u think the facetype is cute? or ugly & rubish? How abt the 3D effect? I tried many times on these distracted little words.

4. Position. I think put the smiling littel green bag in the recycle round is suitable, after all people like to see something inportant in the center but not out sideOrelse, do u think the draft below seems nice?


A logo is not a brand. But a logo quite often represents the brand. One of the 20th century’s most influential designers, Milton Glaser, said, “The logo is the entry point to the brand.” That statement perfectly defines the position your organization’s logo should have and the part it plays in your visual portfolio. Identity designer, Alison Hulett said, “The logo or trademark is without a doubt the ultimate ‘branding’ tool.”

I  Love China But Not Charity

It is Chinese New YEAH season, and this last weekend is de Lantern Feastival–is a festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar year in the Chinese calendar, the last day of the lunisolar Chinese New Year celebration. During the Lantern Festival, children go out at night to temples carrying paper lanterns  and solve riddles on the lanterns. It officially ends the Chinese New Year celebrations.

In ancient times, the lanterns were fairly simple, for only the emperor and noblemen had large ornate ones; in modern times, lanterns have been embellished with many complex designs. For example, lanterns are now often made in shapes of animals.

In some region and countries, this festival is also regarded as the Chinese version of St. Valentine’s Day, a day celebrating love and affection between lovers in Chinese tradition and culture.

Turn to the performance thing,  i was invitated to give a solo chinese folk song –<<My Home is China>> which expressed China’s prosperously development during last 10 years time. Um…wot i wanna say is that since the performance were hold by CSSA (Chinese Student Scholars Association), so as a performer, poor me have no any salary… … Well, U know, i didn’t mean it, but at least CSSA should Know I   Love China But Not Charity“.

Creativity or Rubbish Copy ??? 

A famouse Chinese TV Show named << You Are the One>> is a TV show like announcement looking for a bride or for girls  looking for a handsome guy or a wallet. “if you’re beautifully shy. You need not to play too many tricks or be too young, from time to time, you’re allowed to have unrealistic dreams,but a few words is enough to get you back into reality without getting you angry,a little embarassed grin at most,and then do what you ought to do. I like a woman who knows how to fold clothes in a way that whenever you finish washing, ironing and folding them, they will look just like when you bought them from stores. “– from an averge person, with outside stylishness and inside conservativeness,with fit body and mind. It cannot be more specific than this, can it?
 But guess what, This time, in CSSA stage, a comedy copy of this show were play on which even invitated the audience boys join in together on stage to chose their” the one”. It is really funny and meanwhile this comedy reflected a new phenomena in marrige of our generation. Well, i dont know if it is can be say with creativity, or some of you may think it is just a rubbish copy for fun, but, still, so called art, so called creative, some thing just like ” to be or not to be, it is a question.”



 Well, i was just reborth after 5days in the hell(6-10Feb.), as this fair sales of UFO jewelry company (their boss also as  a partner of my company –China-UK Culture Communication Council) , it was my pleasure to take part in this exciting international fair.

Spring Fair International 2011 attracted its highest attendance for five years as retailers from around the UK and overseas flocked to the NEC for the country’s premier trade exhibition.Exciting new features designed to inspire retailers helped boost visitor numbers for the second year running.
Emap invested £1 million in the show this year, which included a wealth of new features and content, including: Two catwalks, the Trend House and Café, a Toy Demo Area, a Tasting Table in the Gift Food & Confectionary zone, the Graffiti and Lifestyle bars, links between halls and a new VIP entrance.

Footfall figures at The Jewellery Show, which this year sealed its reputation as the UK’s premier retail jewellery event, were up by 10 per cent. This makes it the largest and best-attended dedicated jewellery exhibition in the UK, achieving more than twice the visitor numbers of its closest competitor.    

The company UFO I service is with the biggest collection of Chinese jewellery in  UK, and because they have a long history products factory in Birmingham, so most of familiar customers come to the show make their order for a new season. My mission is introduce some new collection to customers and order for them. Of course, also includ to know new potential customers as more as i can. As to my personal final achievement , luckly it is seems nice — over £ 10,000,00  order. and o(∩_∩)o  £450 comission fly into my pocket  after this fair.


Can you distinguish those Chinese folk song singer’s voice?

3 minutes is not long enough, but some thing happened could stay in ur mind forever. Just like i showed in de afternoon on last Friday, i am quite sure that u guys cannot tell apart those chinese folk song singer’s voice.

Some thing have to be changed

To be honesty, i was so boring about the traditional chinese folk song style, coz it is never changed since i study it, and that is the reason why chinese young people does not like it at all. Also, i think maybe that is why it still not be known and fonded by the people all over the world. So, i am gonna do somthing chang it, or at least can make it more fun.

The New Thing Came Out

So caled a NEW THING it means the thing never exist before. Um, even im not quite sure, but at least i never heard there are somone mixed the UK pop music with chinese folk song together, so i trid with a group of talent  pop music bodies. Luckly, the track sounds not bad, ohhh surely, we will make it batter in the future.

Sorry i cant upload the track coz it over 1MB but u can down load by the link

Merry X’mas and Happy New Year!!!!

Se ya next year~~~~xxoo

You must know Chinese people love Dragon

Like the title showed, Dragon is a old totem symbol in China, by this reason, can i say bitchy i love “Dragon’s Den”? joking…lol…

After that  tough afternoon, i learned alot from those lovely suggestions given by Dragon’s Den experts, these useful advices will help us reach our goal closer. Here is our upload PPT

Realism or Caprice

Even we know our business concept is not quite NEW, but it seems we are much related to realism but not caprice. Some questions veryacute asked by experts are:

1.Why our market aim to the women around their 20’s, why not is the man in their 70’s?    [A: Small  beginning market aim are easy to carry out, later we will enlarge it if our business runed well.]

2. How will you clean the old recycled materals?  [ A: Pick up suitable materials is the crucial.]

3. Will People accept those bags made from  recyled things?   [ A: through our market recearch we got the answer is –yes they will if the bag looks really good.]

4. How can you get materias? [ A: first step we will ask for suitable materials from our  uni students, next we plan to put up poster surounding hope kindly people would like donation.]

Much Much Much useful thing flying to us during that afternoon, and i v got a little bit too Much as well after that.

We were all shocked @ that moment

To be honesty, i never beieve that a huge of rubbish can change to be several such beautifull bags just after 3days. On Tuesday morning, when zhuyi showed them out, each of us were light up. WE LOVE YOU, ZHUYI!!!

Share out the work and cooperate with one another.

Alright, joking apart. I am so proud  that i am in such a promising group. We shared our work this week, me and zhuyi in charge of research, also zhuyi will give handwork costs .

Folowing in jinyang’s questions, we totaly found 10 students in our school  library to filled our research sheets. The results came out showed:

1.  Q: How many bags do you own?  

      A: <2 (1people)    3-5( 7people)     >5(2pp)

2. Q:  How much do you usually pay for a bag?

      A: < £10 (5pp)     £10-50(3pp)         >£50(2pp)

3.  Q: What type of bag do you prefer?

      A: Light( 5pp)    Leather(8pp)   Big(3pp)    Small( 4pp)   Functional(9pp)

4.  Q: Have you seen bags made of recycled material?

      A:  Yes( 1pp)   No(9pp)

5.  Q: Would you purchase a bag made of recycled material?

     A: Yes, if i like it. ( 8pp)      No, I can not accept recycled( 2pp)

6. Q:  What do you think of these bag?

     A:  They looks beautiful and special    (9pp)   

            They looks weird,i dont like them (1pp)

7.  Q: How much woud you pay for this bag?

       A : < £5 (3pp)     £5-10(5pp)    > £10 (2pp)

8.  Q: What functions would you like to add to this bag to make it better?

      A: Accessories(3pp)  Hardiness materials(5pp)  Pragmatic interlayer(2pp)

Zhuyi, we looking forward your costs. 

At the end of this blog i wanna say thank you to all my lovely girls. Lets paint our business RED!  

Um… … When talking about personal business planning, the feeling for me sounds like a career expectation, i can not say it is too far to reach or impossible but at least it is not easy for me, i mean as a chinese who against deal under the table with gavernment Department.

Lol… …do not be confused, let me tell in short words, since i was brought up by the only  highest reputation conservotary  in china( i guess some1 would happy to death when heard this), and i used to study chinese folk music over that 12years long, and then worked in Sony Record and British Chamer of commerce in Beijing as the events manager. so can i say that more or less i have a little bit experience on organize and operate performance thing, specially about China – UK folk music communication. so clearly i am aim to be a agency or manager or staff in Chinese Embassy Cluture and Education Department where own the right to manage the chinese abroad performance in UK.

So far, the step i crawed is  just found a guy—-a big figure who working in that dreamming department i mentioned, but, you guys must know how hard the things i gonna do in the future, it is not as easy as  flatter thing but about wether you did your P.R. thing well and of course the bribe .

Hopefully… …


From Hopeful To Despair

Can you image that your favourate singer suicide just because once live show ‘s microphone problerm?  Also, Can you feel how hardly a singer use to through during those many years by practise everyday, no matter it is winter or summer, whenever it is rainny or sunny… …but, all her dreams were totaly stopped by that very  tiny stage accident.

Eva is a fabulous girl with a gorgeous face and amazing beautiful voice, all her life dream is to be a popular singer. After spending almost ten years long studying  in conservatory, walking through those painfull n torchfully time by practise everyday, finnaly she got a hard-won opportunety to be the heroine of a music deama. As we all may know it is  a sagnality show for her which related wether she will become one night famous thing.

But, a tragedy destroied everyone’s wish. The stage sound system lose its control when the live show being on, even Eva has tried her best to display her best voice to those audience, but it was still not work on it. Only what she got are a huge of badly comments and all the audiences’ abuses with dissatisfaction. She could not bear any more of these hurds meanwhile cant face all those many years efforts were not be accepted, so she suicide few days later after that fail show… …

May be we can say Eva have not enough courage to face trouble or anyother psychologic problerms with her, but the truth is we lose such a good singer already. So Let us think about what if there is a kind of microphone which with adjust buttons on it which those singer can control their voice by removing the button when they singing on stage. Will the situation can be better?

Reflect Tim Brown’s Video Lecture

I am gonna say thank you for sharing us this excelent video which decleared more definition and gave us a clearly operation system to help us carry on our bussiness better. During the video below things be showed:

What is design thinking / Design Thinking can be used to / 3 important phases for design thinking: Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation / Managing Innovation.

The most impressive points to me amongest that is the power of STORYTELLING. Just like we learn on our class that people usually moving by some thing which can really connet their soul or at least can arouse same emotion from deep of their heart. Hence, this is the most importent opportunety to grab people’s passion or interest to buy your products. Why? Let us see how Tim said:

  • Most things fail to get out because they can’t make it through the organization.
  • Storytelling helps develop & express ideas to get them through organizations.
  • Stores can connect multiple stakeholders
  • Sometimes, the story can be end the result: it creates new knowledge.
  • If designers tell story the right way, they can have enormous influence through design.

Indeed, if we look around our life we can found lots of things are all full with stories. for example, the Ad thing, we can see a huge numbers of ad everyday in everywhere, there must be some of them  which with an interesting story takcled your nevers by some how. And  then you may think about buy it or get to know it better.

 See, when we knew how imporent the story is, we must earn to know by what manners we can creat a excenlent story, in my own opinion, we can turn around to the part of  Inspiration. It is said ” The right way to get inspired is to get out into the real world: use the world as a source of inspiration not just validation”. And the rest thing we need to do is think deeply by your heart what used to moving you before, or if you are a buyer, what is the most you want. Dear all do you still remember the USER thing? It is really helpful.

Hope to Learn more in the very next class. XXOO ^ ^